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Web Design

The key to effective and beautiful web site design is a clean and consistent look that is subtly reflected in every part of your site. Each web designer on our team is a master in the craft of balancing elegant form with effective function to get the site to do what it needs to get done: be it introduce you to your potential customers, convert a visitor to a purchaser, convince, inform or engage its audience. Our web site designers have a firm grasp on what make the eye wander and what makes it focus where you want it to.

With the foundation core-design in place, we lay out the content cleanly, always focusing on the outcome that you need, and eliminating distraction.

Our most common designs are owner-serviceable: We can provide post-delivery support for your site. We also show you how to make changes to your site as it evolves over time.

Our web designers are fluent in all modern web technologies including HTML5, CSS, mobile devices, flash and others. We keep up with browser idiosyncrasies and other technology trends. The bottom line for you is a site the works well and looks great on whatever web browser your visitor is using.


40% of users turn to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. We can avoid you this 40% loss. Our web designers’ expertise is not limited to desktop design only; we provide excellent web design services for mobile world.

In and 2012 and 2013, more than half of the Internet users will be browsing the web with their mobile device. Only a small percent of businesses take this into account, and you can be part of the few. As the popularity of mobile web design will increase, the cost for a mobile website will undoubtedly rise due to a large increase in demand. Now is the time to give your mobile visitors the attention they deserve.

Content Creation

We can work with content that you provide us, or we can create content for you based on your ideas, themes and objectives.

  • We employ graphic artists to help you create logos and other graphics.  Our work subtly reflects and reinforces the core themes, emotions, and colors in the rest of the design.
  • We employ copywriters who can write the text for your site.  Our copy adheres the guidelines and objectives you set, and is also created with search-engine optimization in mind.
  • We can add animation to your site for that energetic, dynamic feel.  This can be as subtle as gradual highlight effects when the mouse rolls over an icon, or an attention-grabbing movement designed to draw the eye or entertain.
  • We can produce business videos to bring your message home or explain difficult concepts clearly.  We can work with your images and scripts, or create all the materials for you.  Our videos are clear, engaging and narrated by professional actors.


You will be delighted at the ease and simplicity of creating and updating an E-Commerce site. Our website designers work with your product information, including photos, descriptions, prices, etc. to create a great-looking, fast, and highly usable e-commerce site. We work with all the major merchant account providers which means you can accept many kinds of payments, including PayPal and credit cards.

At Panache Web Design, we keep our eye on what matters: and for E-Commerce this means reliably high conversion from traffic to sale.


There are many strategies to drive traffic to your website. In addition to web design services, we can provide you with Internet Marketing expertise to define the best strategy for you: pay per click advertising, social strategies, and local search marketing. By far the largest driver of traffic to the vast majority of websites continues to be Google search. This is most likely how you found us! Our Search Engine Optimization fulfillment partner SEO Company has a stellar record of placing customers at or near the top of the Google search results. We work with you to identify good search terms, and can then produced guaranteed placement.

commitment to design

Panache's web design services optimize your website layout, content, search engine optimization and even e-commerce if you wish to sell your products directly online. Our clients are always impressed with the way our web designers, copywriters and graphic designers seem to completely integrate their business into their own personality to produce a website that is really what they want, and even more!

Our web designers understand that fancy looks and colors are not enough to make an effective website in 2012. Web surfers are actually immune to attention-grabbing graphics. Elegance and a clean website design is what is needed to communicate professionalism and prestige.

Each and every web designer in the Panache team has 3 words in mind when designing your website: Clean, Elegant, Effective.

Clean web site design

Web designers working with us do not stand broken websites. We make sure everything is well-coded; your header, footer, sidebars, links to your other pages and images etc.

Elegant Look

While cleanliness is of utmost importance, we believe that it should always be coupled with elegance. Here at Panache, elegance means much more than “pleasing to the eye”, elegance also means having a sense of personality.


Elegance and cleanliness are there only at the service of your site's business purpose. Our website designers have the expertise to give every area they create on your website a definite purpose. Whether you want to educate your visitors by giving them informational articles to read or you want to bring them to your sales funnel quickly, our website designers will work to give every purpose you have the optimum placement on your page and site.